Writer: Ryoe Tsukimura

Director: Kōichi Mashimo

Composer: Yuki Kajiura

Genres: action, drama, mystery

Anime Available in: Japanese, English, Russian, Chinese.

Number of Episodes: 26

Status of Anime: Complete

Year: 2001

Studio: Bee Train Production Inc.

Opening(s): "Coppelia Hitsugi(Coppelia's Casket)" by ALI Project

Ending(s): Kirei na Kanjo (Beautiful Emotions)" by Akino Arai

OST: Noir OST I, Noir OST II, Noir OST III

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Mireille Bouquet is a professional assassin, and a very good one at that. But when she follows up an e-mail from a young Japanese girl named Yumura Kirika, inviting her to take “a pilgrimage to the past”, her life becomes even more dangerous than it already is. Now, with a haunting melody invoking the memory of an event long past, Mireille and Kirika decide to work together to find the truth about a thousand year old organization that has controlled both of their lives since before they were born. And the only clue in their search, the only thing Kirika remembers about herself, becomes their working codename: a name designating an ancient fate, of two maidens who reign over death–Noir.


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