Director: Hiroyuki Tanaka

Composer: Masanori Takumi

Author: Yagi Norihiro

Artist: Yagi Norihiro

Genres: action, adventure, drama, fantasy, science fiction, shonen

Anime Available in: Japanese, English, Russian.

Manga Available in: Japanese, English, Korean

Number of Episodes: 26

Status of Anime: Complete

Status of Manga : On- going

Number of chapters:  latest chapter is 94

Year: 2007(anime) 2001(manga)

Studio: Madhouse Preduction

Opening(s): "Raison D’être" by Nightmare

Ending(s): "Danzai no Hana~Guilty Sky" by  Riyu Kosaka

Games: Claymore: Gingan no Majo

CDs: Clamore TV Animation OST , Intimate Persona: Character Song Shuu

Trailer. Check it out. 


The reason why I posted this page first is most likey because this happens to be my favourite anime/manga. Maybe this is because it suits me so well. Swords, monsters, revenge, blood in every episode and unpredictable events(I swear), honestly I don't know what could be better. At first I wasnt very interested, just bored so i desided to give it a shot and now its my number 1 favorite. 


Out of all the elements in this anime/manga I probably like the plot most of all. It's not the simplest plot ever, which makes it interesting and unlike Naruto it's not obvious if the main character wins or looses. Or in some cases is going to live or die. If I had to guess why editors would publish it, it would probably be, because of the plot. It seems to me that who ever came up with it had to have been very, very inspired or good at writing drama. Each event helps with the progression of the story so pit never stays the same.


The art is unigue and the artist/author is a pro at shadows, but there is always room for impovement. Although the fact that most of the characters have the same characteristics (blonde hair, silver eyes, claymores) I can see how it would make it hard to give them their own distinctive feel. Howevery I have to compliment the author again by making the characters different, by hair syle, personality and sword techniques. Its trully hard to make new characters especially when it's this limited.


The second thing I like in this manga are the characters. They appear to be quite developed with decent past, present and future. Some of them are distinguished by sword technigues, skills and abilities. They even have ratings. My favourite is the wind cutter. I also like the emblems that each claymore has. However there was some ennoyinces like Raki. I can understand that he was needed for the plot, but I swear each time he says "Clare!!" it makes half the people who watch the series frawn and say, "God, when will he die? Last time was close!"


The animation and the colors were both top quality. The angles of the fights were good. And when ever someone cut down a yoma you would see the blood splatering  in fountains, as unrealistic as it is it certainly had lots of graphics conserning that . So if you don't like seeing blood this might not be for you.


I liked the OST as well. I felt that the music fit in quite well with the scenes. My favourite would be 'Bishou no Teresa'. I also like the opening and the ending.


Sadly there was no movie. However if you think you agree with me on some of these things, you might give a shot at watching this series. I personally think its worth watching. I like the manga more, but than again thats usually the case. Manga has more detail and it actually continues most of the time. So if you find that you like this series read the manga as well. (from the begining)

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OST : ««««
Art : ««««

The setting of the story is a fictional world of medieval towns where humans coexist with demons called Yoma.These monsters feed on human gut as their main source of food, hiding themselves in human society until they strike.
Villages in danger of attack hire warriors from the organisation for protection. The organization consists of a group of skilled warriors that protects the humans from these demons. These warriors are called Claymores, named after their weapons. They willingly infuse themselves with demon flesh and blood to become powerful half-human hybrids.Armed with their unique techniques they purge the world of yoma. The story of Claymore follows the adventures of the beautiful Claymore warrior Clare, who fights demons and struggles to hold on to her humanity. 

 List of Claymore Episodes

Episode 1: Great Sword

Episode 2: The Black Card

Episode 3: The Darkness in Paradise

Episode 4: Clare's Awakening

Episode 5: Teresa of the Faint Smile

Episode 6: Teresa and Clare

Episode 7: Marked for Death

Episode 8: Awakening

Episode 9: Those Who Rend Asunder(part 1)

Episode 10: Those Who Rend Asunder(part 2)

Episode 11: Those Who Rend Asunder(part 3)

Episode 12: The Endless Gravestones(part 1)

Episode 13: The Endless Gravestones(part 2)

Episode 14: Qualified to Fight

Episode 15: The Witch's Maw(part 1)

Episode 16: The Witch's Maw(part 2)

Episode 17: The Witch's Maw(part 3)

Episode 18: The Carnage in the North(part 1) 

Episode 19: The Carnage in the North(part 2)

Episode 20: The Carnage in the North(part 3) 

Episode 21: Invasion of Pieta(part 1)

Episode 22: Invasion of Pieta(part 2)

Episode 23: Critical Point(part 1)

Episode 24: Critical Point(part 2)

Episode 25: For Whose Sake

Episode 26: To the Successors

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